Identificamos las oportunidades
para tus restaurantes
Spotting insights
for your restaurant

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Spotting Insights for your Restaurants

Manage your restaurant in a sample way

Cooking Data analyzes all the business data and serves them to you so you can manage your restaurant as you like. Otpimize your manu identifying the most profitable and guest preferred meals. Reinforce your social reputation. Understand the daily sales to focus the efforts where it is more needed. 

Know your guests

Cooking Data unveils all your guests secrets. You would know who visits your restaurant more frequently, their favourite meals and when they come to eat. 

ANA, Cooking Data assistant at your service

Cooking Data has created a virtual assisant for you. We know how the data can be hard to read and might seem an impossible quiz. XXX would guide you through the numbers to identify the key opportunities and the improving area.